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Professional ball transfer units in your production hall
The continuous development of technology has led us to found a company whose task is to improve production processes in manufacturing plants and in warehouses. We want each enterprise to be successful faster and more efficiently than it has been possible till now. We are one of the links in the global supply chain, offering solutions worthy of the 21st century. The ball transfer units we offer are widely used in:

  • conveyors,
  • assembly stations,
  • ball tables,
  • conveyor belt intersections,
  • floors in production halls
  • ball units rails

Thanks to these ball transfer elements, it is possible to move the structure of large dimensions easier. We are reliable and we want every company to be like that too.

Modern quality
WAVE provide quality products that meet world standards, supporting the european industry. Our many years of experience in professional industry and cooperation with engineers translate into what we offer. Our goal is long-term cooperation with brands that will increase their productivity thanks to the solutions offered by WAVE.

Please contact us if:
– you construct or build logistic solutions for transport in production halls and warehouses, incl. ball tables,
– you are an industry solutions distributor and looking for new products that can
interest your current and future customers.

We know that no company can afford mistakes and downtime, so we make every effort to ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible. Our prices are based on the experience and knowledge of the industry, therefore you will receive quality products from us on favorable terms.

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WAVE company crew

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